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Floor Refinishing Tools Checklist | Tools for Floor Sanding

Floor Refinishing Tools Checklist and Tools for Floor Sanding

Maintaining wooden floors doesn’t guarantee they will last a lifetime. Of course, this wooden floor will last longer than usual, but scratches, discoloration, and dents are factors that can cause deterioration, especially considering foot traffic, exposure, and furniture movement.

Fortunately, you can easily restore these floors’ original beauty, color, and feel by refinishing. However, without the right tool, refinishing will be impossible. Right here, we will present you with the necessary tools for floor sanding and the equipment required for successful refinishing. Shall we unravel them together?

Comprehending the Floor Sanding Process

Engaging in something that forbids prior knowledge is equivalent to walking blind. Understanding the floor sanding process is crucial for us to know the use of floor sanding equipment. Hence, we will briefly take you through the processes involved in floor sanding. Some of them are:

➔       Rough sanding

In this step, you remove old finishes and ensure a leveled floor surface, while also tending to inappropriate imperfections.

➔       Medium sanding

The medium-sanding process deals with further smoothing of the floor surface and the removal of unwanted roughness or scratches.

➔       Fine sanding

This is all about giving the floor a polished, smooth surface, and its final preparation for new finishes.

Types of Floor Sanders

Since you have prior knowledge about the process involved in flooring sanding, let’s quickly check out the types of hardwood flooring sanders available.

1.       Drum Sanders

These are the workhorses that are prominent in the flooring world. Just like they sound, they are built with a powerful rotating drum that is wrapped with sandpaper to erase old finishes while also providing a leveled floor. Being a commercial floor sander, it can be used for rough sanding where the amount of insignificant materials to be removed is large, and the time needed to remove these materials is minimal.

2.       Orbital Sanders

This type of sander has a square or rectangular sanding pad that gives a more controlled sanding experience with oscillation in small circles. Versatility is a great attribute of orbital sanders, as they are feasible for use in all stages of sanding processes. In most cases, they are also used for medium and fine sanding, where the result must be precise and smooth.

3.       Edge Sanders

As they sound, edge sanders are built to sand edges or corners. They are compact machines that incorporate a round or triangular sanding pad that allows them to fit into tight spaces that other sanders can’t reach.

Choosing the Right Sander for Your Project

Projects differ, as do the types of flooring sanders to be used. Hence, consider the following factors when choosing a flooring sander:

➔       Space Size and Layout

Your space will determine the type of sander you will use. If your working area is spacious, a drum sander floor equipment is suitable, as it will provide the adequate speed and efficiency you probably need. On the other hand, if your area is confined, an orbital or floor sander edger is advisable.

➔       Experience Level

Another factor to consider is your experience level. While some sanders are easily operable, some require expertise. Hence, if it is your first time doing floor sanding, an orbital sander might be the right option for you.

➔       Budget

Your budget will determine the type of sander you get. You should get a sander that’s within your budget when considering the cost of maintenance. For instance, drum sanders are more expensive than orb sanders and edge sanders. Hence, if budget might be a problem, an orbital or edge sander might just do the trick.

➔       Desired Quality

The result you want will also determine the type of sander you get. In the long run, if you prefer a perfectly smoothed-out surface that’s leveled to taste, an orbital sander might just be the right one. Even though an orbital sander helps clear materials, it sometimes leaves uneven surfaces that need extra-fine sanding.

Additional Tools and Equipment

A hardwood floor sander is not the only tool you will need to refinish your floors. You will surely need other equipment. Below is additional floor sanding equipment you might need:

1.       Handheld sanders

These sanders are small and portable, allowing easy reach in confined spaces while ensuring a neat finish across their area of application. In most cases, this additional floor sanding equipment is suitable for touch-ups and detailed work, thereby making it a must-have during any floor sanding process.

2.       Sandpapers

Sanding is not limited to one process. Hence, you will need sandpapers of diverse grits for these stages. The coarse grits start at (30–60) for rough sanding, the medium (80–100) is suitable for medium sanding, and the fine grits used for fine sanding are 120–180. These sandpapers are the ones you want to have, as you would need to switch between them on-site.

3.       Flooring scraper

Sanding your floor without a flooring scraper by your side is impossible. A flooring scraper is designed with a blade that helps it remove sheet vinyl, bonded carpet, linoleum, tiles, woodblock, and other materials from the floor surface. One main advantage of this scraper is that it can work at angles to remove all old materials and adhesives, leaving a final clean and smooth surface.

4.       Floor stripper

This is a rotary-driven floor machine designed strongly to eliminate the top layer off a floor’s surface. The floor stripper machine is not limited to only one type of luxury flooring. It can be used on wood, vinyl, rubber, carpet, and ceramic tiles. Likewise, it can be used to remove soft flooring, adhesive, or a sublayer.

5.       Flooring nail gun

When it comes to hardwood floor installation projects, a flooring gun nail is a must-have. They are viable for driving nails into hardwoods using pneumatics. In most cases, they are used in conjunction with flooring staplers that are primarily used to provide a strong grip on wood surfaces. The flooring nail gun is designed in two ways, with the first fix being to attach planks to a subfloor and the second being to join bonds together.

6.       Flooring knee pads

Flooring knee pads are likewise part of the essential flooring installation supplies that must be available during floor sanding. Apart from the fact that they help reduce pressure on the knees during long periods of kneeling on the job, they also guide the knee against debris on the floor such as tacks, gravel, nails, and any sharp object.

Bottom Line

Wood floor refinishing can help us bring new life into our home. However, without the required tools, it just might be impossible. Hence, a maximum understanding of the basics of floor sanders is needed in conjunction with the necessary tools and machines. With those two, a DIY project is feasible. However, always keep in mind that safety comes first. Hence, always work safely. Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Tools Do I Need For Wood Flooring?

To ensure a professional and nice result when laying wood flooring, as a flooring business owner or DIYer, wood floor tools you can use are flooring nails, a flooring stapler, a circular saw, a pull bar, a marker, a level, measuring tape, etc.

What Tools Do You Need for Vinyl Flooring?

For vinyl flooring, several tools are required for successful installation. Some of the major tools include a vinyl cutter, measuring tape, chalk, roller, and rubber mallet. Other additional tools required are a notched trowel, floor roller, and pull bar.

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