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Top 10 Flooring Forums (Active in 2024)

Top 10 Flooring Forums

To most people, the flooring world might seem easy, but actually, it is complex. Right from the diverse materials, installation techniques, and the new trends coming to light now and then, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals even sometimes find it challenging to tread the right path. However, the internet always satisfies. It offers adequate information, thereby making every flooring business owner lucky with the flooring forum power. Let’s reveal this information together.

What is the Flooring Forum?

A Flooring Forum is a discussion space that allows professionals or flooring business owners and DIYers to discuss and learn about everything pertaining to flooring. In this post, floor forum, the best kinds of flooring, including vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, and carpet, and their various methods of installation, are discussed.

In addition, these flooring forums allow you to ask questions and give answers. Also, you can ask questions about the type of flooring that will be suitable for a home, the method to fix a lot of flooring issues, and how to go about their maintenance. You can take your time going through flooring forums to learn from professionals and also find the necessary information on hiring professionals to work for you.

Top 10 Flooring Forums for DIY Lovers and Professionals

With various flooring forums online, here you will find the top 10 forums you can engage in for the best knowledge about flooring.

  1. Flooring Forum

Website: (

Flooring Forum Community forum leads, as it is dedicated to all aspects of flooring. Starting from the diverse techniques for installation to material selection, a vast archive with expert advice follows. Both professionals and DIY enthusiasts will find the forum engaging and reliable. Users interested in floor sanding forum, hardwood flooring forum, flooring installer forum, laminate flooring forum, vinyl flooring forum, bamboo flooring forum, vinyl plank flooring forum, and wood floor forum, will find the Floor Pro Construction forum interesting.

  1. Houzz Flooring Forum

Website: (

Having a similar pronunciation as house, The Houzz flooring forum is well recognized for the inspiration provided to interior designs. In addition, Houzz provides spaces where users, professionals, and DIY enthusiasts can share project photos, ask for advice, and discuss trends. Likewise, homeowners can also indulge in the forum, especially for design ideas and professionals showcasing their work.

  1. DIY Chatroom Forum

Website: (

The DIY Chatroom flooring forum is dedicated primarily to DIYers tackling various flooring projects. Starting from the possible scratch, DIYers can gain adequate knowledge for carpet installation, and tile installation when also engaging in discussions, helping one another to troubleshoot issues, and offering guidance on flooring projects.

  1. Wood Flooring Forum

Website: (

Regarding hardwood floors, the Wood Flooring Forum likewise focuses on laminate and engineered flooring. The forum allows users (professionals and enthusiasts) to exchange common knowledge on installation, refinishing techniques, and selection of wood species.

  1. Reddit

Website: (

Reddit’s flooring community provides unrestricted access to discussions among users. Discussions pertaining to budget-friendly options to sustainable flooring solutions are allowed in the forum. Likewise, sharing of experiences, seeking recommendations, and presenting flooring projects are also allowed.

  1. ContractorTalk


The contractor forum is dedicated to professional flooring contractors. Opportunity is created to join discussions about the flooring industries, safety precautions, and so on. Likewise, users can share information about ongoing flooring projects plus the before and after images of projects.

  1. Pro Construction Guide Flooring Forum

Website: (

As they sound, the Pro Construction Guide’s flooring forum is mainly for professionals versed in the construction industry. Being a forum for professional flooring, expert advice on installation techniques, industry updates, and product reviews are shared. For anyone seeking professional insights, the Pro Construction Guide Flooring Forum is the go-to site for resources.

  1. Homeone Forum


This is Australia’s most prominent and popular home building and renovation community.  The forum is dedicated to flooring discussions about timber flooring, tiles, vinyl, and so on. Likewise, users can pose inquiries about any flooring issues and get answers and advice from professionals.

  1. Ceramic Tile Advice Forums

Website: (

Discussions related to ceramic and porcelain tile installations are the main focus of John Bridge Ceramic Tile Forums. Plus, professionals and DIYers will find the forum valuable as they focus on technical details and best practices.

  1. MyBuilder

Website: (

MyBuilder’s flooring forum creates a bridge between homeowners and tradespeople. Here, users ask questions, receive answers, and also get to hire professionals for any of their flooring projects. Reputable contractors and experts’ advice can be found In this forum.

Benefits of Flooring Forums

The benefits associated with flooring forums are unlimited. To make it worth it, here are the major benefits.

  • Offers Relevant Information

Flooring forums can be just what you need to ace up in the flooring field. You can easily gain the information and insight you need from manufacturers, contractors, and professionals like DIY and the like. Surprisingly, you can also learn about the merits and demerits of different materials, their installation method, the latest trends, and advice that will help set your foot on the right path.

  • Provide Solutions to Flooring Problems

You can also get to find your way around the numerous problems that are encountered in the flooring line. Whether you seem to be stuck during installation, or you want to repair dents and scratches on your flooring, you can find a way around all that in a flooring advice forum, most especially from people who have encountered such problems.

  • Provides Flooring Leads and Marketing Inspiration

Apart from providing relevant information, flooring forums can also serve as a source of flooring leads. If you own a home, and you’re looking for contractors or installation services for your home, you can easily locate them here. If you are professionally hunting for jobs, a typical floor forum can serve as a means of flooring marketing where you will find people who might require your expertise.


Other Examples of Flooring Forums (By Sub-niche)

  • Garage Floor Coating Forums

The best garage floor coating forums provide solutions to garage flooring, especially to those that specialize in epoxy coatings, or even decorative flake options.

  • Laminate Flooring Forums

These forums provide information on available brands. In fact, the best laminate flooring forum will also help with techniques of installation and experiences from various users on different laminate flooring projects.

  • Engineered Wood Flooring Forum

The engineered wood flooring forum provides in-depth information about engineered wood flooring plus the necessary installation, maintenance, and tips for selecting the right one that will suit your needs.

  • Amtico Flooring Forum

So also, the Amtico flooring forum is a brand well-known for its durability, wide range of styles, and water resistance. They deal mainly with Amtico flooring.

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